Cain Hoy Enterprises Announces Launch of Operations

Cain Hoy was launched with the support of—and a minority investment from—Guggenheim Capital, the parent company of Guggenheim Partners, the global investment and securities firm. Founders include Todd Boehly, who is President of Guggenheim Capital, Henry Silverman and Jonathan Goldstein. Messrs. Silverman and Goldstein previously were executives at Guggenheim.

Henry Silverman is Chief Executive Officer of Cain Hoy. Mr. Silverman has a long and distinguished career in finance and real estate. He was Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Cendant Corporation and, later, Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman of Apollo Global Management. Jonathan Goldstein is Head of European Investments for Cain Hoy and is based in London. Mr. Goldstein is an experienced real estate investor and was Deputy Chief Executive of Heron International, where he made and supervised substantial real estate investments in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Cain Hoy also is staffed by a small number of people who left Guggenheim to join it, all of whom previously worked on global real estate and opportunistic private transactions.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Cain Hoy Enterprises,” said Mr. Silverman. “At Cain Hoy, we bring dedicated funding and financial expertise to the goal of creating value over the long term.”

Mr. Goldstein added, “Cain Hoy is permanently financed and we are patient investors. This gives us greater flexibility to pursue significant opportunities that need to mature and to develop over time.”

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