London, UK
Investment Date

We announced the purchase of Mortimer House in April 2016, in a joint venture with hotelier Guy Ivesha and other private investors.

Housed in a six-floor art deco building in the heart of London’s Fitzrovia, Mortimer House provides a new experience for those who wish to create, work and unwind in equal measure, intending to satisfy the needs of both the head and the heart. Designed with a focus on work/life balance, the intuitively designed team offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, living room, terrace, studio and gym effortlessly meld mid-century design touches with the classicism of the original building, providing an intimate membership experience.

Mortimer House opened in November 2017. It is home to Mortimer House Kitchen. The ground floor restaurant, which is open to the public, serves exceptional Mediterranean cuisine. Throughout the building, members will find both inspiration and creative communion–nestled in an enclave that has served as residency to some of the greatest cultural, literary and intellectual figures of the 20th century.

Mortimer House’s layout follows American philosopher Abraham Maslow’s theory of the Hierarchy of Needs. Ivesha and design firm AvroKO followed Maslow’s pyramid master plan, putting, for example, a restaurant on the ground floor to meet the physiological needs of the individual, whilst satisfying the desire for social belonging with the co-working space on the four floors above. Thus, this philosophical theory becomes a logical way to organize all the elements of a great hotel.